World Of Warcast is a podcast dedicated to teaching listeners about how to play World Of Warcraft better. We strive to teach more than the standard “tips and tricks” you see all over the internet. We cover many topics from playing a new character, to raiding at endgame, playing different classes, different races, different professions. We try to make you a better WoW player.

About Starman

Starman has been playing with audio since his father bought a reel-to-reel tape deck in 1971, and has a background in radio since the days at Trenton State College in the mid-late 80’s. He’s played videogames since getting a Coleco Telstar Arcade in 1976, and had an Atari 2600 since 1978. As with most current MMO players, he started playing D&D in the late 70’s and progressed on to videogames of the same genre such as Rogue, Temple of Apshai, Dungeon Master, and later to Everquest.

About Renata

Renata also had the Coleco Telstar back in 1976, but lack of coordination in video games drove her to text-based games as soon as these became available, despite sharing her city’s Zaxxon championship in 1984 with her best friend. Her gaming background is primarily in RPGs and simulation games, but she moved to MMORPGs with Everquest in 2000. She was nationally ranked as a public speaker, was briefly involved in an underground radio station back in high school, and holds a master’s degree in instructional design. Ren continues to play Warcraft with her husband Cryler, an occasional guest on the show. And despite having a nearly encyclopedic memory for useless game details, she still can never remember where she left her car keys.

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