Blizzard offers wallpapers/ringtones, just not to the USA

| August 28, 2008 | 3 Replies

If you look up “epic fail” in the dictionary, you’ll see such things as blinking into High King accidentally or speccing fire just for A’lar. Blizzard put up a web site for mobile users: which offers mobile users ringtones and wallpapers based on Blizzard games.

First of all, Blizzard is VERY late to the game. As far back as I can remember, people have been putting up ringtones and wallpapers on their cell phones, even if they hack the phones to do it. I had to go through extremes just to get a wallpaper on my Motorola T720 years ago.

Today it’s as simple as putting a wallpaper on your memory stick (Sony Ericsson), or adding it to your photo library (iPhone). Ringtones may be a little more tricky on iPhones, but the Sony Ericsson supports ringtones of almost any kind (MP3, WAV, MP4) that come directly from the memory stick.

So why would people pay for wallpapers and ringtones nowadays? Back when you used to hack your phone to customize it, it was because your carrier forced you to do it (I’m looking at YOU, Verizon). That was the reason why I terminated my contract early with Verizon in the first place. They crippled their branded phones to force you to go through their store to customize your phone, whereas the exact same phone on another carrier like Cingular wouldn’t have such restrictions.

What’s worse for Blizzard is that they don’t support the United States. AT ALL. Don’t they understand that by not supporting the USA, they’re going to seed the idea in people’s heads about how to do it for free? Those few people that would rather pay $1.99 for something are now going to find free ways to do so.

If a company with popular frachises like Blizzard is going to go into the mobile arena, they have to support their largest markets.

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  1. Bloodwin says:

    I think this is probably something to do with distribution methods in the EU and the US. These services are very common over here so it’s easier for companies to make their own mockup of a page and sell their ringtones and wallpapers.

    Having said that I just got an iPhone and was surprised at the fact that a) the ringtones are terrible and b) they actually force you to make your own. Having said that my phone is always on silent. Wallpaper wise it’s pretty simple to make an album of art for either a memory stick or in the case of the iPhone to sync a folder in your pictures folder with your iPhone/iPod touch and then use that art for a wallpaper.

    The really smart thing to do would be to treat this kind of media as an advertising gimick like desktop wallpapers for computers and give them away so your potential customer can create their own little shrine to your product. That way when the murloc mating cry is heard they can do PR for your game.

  2. Zano or Frubombom says:

    I realy can’t se how people can still make money on this stuff anymore… Realy, I mean, how freakin hard is it to put pics and ringtones on your cell via you computer? Realy… i’m dissapointed in humanity xD

  3. sandra742 says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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