Episode 68 is up

| August 17, 2008 | 9 Replies

Starman’s going to Blizzcon
Starman goes mage horde. Again.
Coming back to the game after a break
Competitor’s Tabards
Wrath of the Lich King:
– Glyphs (Inscribing)
– Hunter Pets
Newbie Tips

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  1. Qee says:


    Re your comments on the Zhevra mount. I have seen two different characters riding them already. I am guessing their “friend” signed up and paid for a two month subscription. This would be possible through the credit card payment options. I say “friend” because I could see many people openeing a second account just to get the mount.

    I have also seen the pet dragon and that is definitley a pet worth grinding BGs for.


  2. Missescake says:

    Love the podcast guys. Just a heads up regarding the Refer-a-Friend zhevra mount. If your friend adds a prepaid card rather than opting for credit card payment, you can claim your mount now rather than waiting two months. See you at Blizzcon!

  3. jao says:

    The zhevra mount can be seen in game at this moment, your friend just need to PAY for a 2 month subscription (at least). I have seen several in Proudmore-US. Specially people that are dual boxing just to level 2 characters faster.

    All the new bear mounts have goggles now. It is kind of weird.

    The dance contests are always on youtube. You can watch the old versions if you look for it. (i.e. look for blood elf female dance on youtube, and lol)

  4. April says:



    I got one. If you “friend” to pay with a time card, the 2 months is paid and you get your mount.

    Love your cast.

  5. Starman says:

    So what you’re all saying is that… 😀

  6. LadiThief (Terokkar) says:

    Since I don’t have any freinds I can “freind” myself for my mount. Long live blizzard and their “membership” drive or is it a dollar drive. Either way I want my mount. Great pod cast all and I am finally on episode 43.

  7. Grafiker says:

    I am 2-boxing with the recruit-a-friend since it came out. I got the new mount, free month and all the fun. Blizzard is making it so awesome to get to level 60 with multiple toons now.

    By the way Starman… awesome flipping show! I really enjoy it. Renata, you helped me understand how to play a warrior back in the day. Thanks ^_^

  8. Oakshay says:

    With all the map mods everyone talks about. I have been using Carbonite found at http://www.carboniteaddon.com

    It has all you need and could want in a mod. You do have to pay about 1 dollar a month for it, and I was really upset by this at first, but now I would pay 2 dollars a month for it after using it. You can try the demo that will show you almost all of its features. I never hear anyone talk of this mod, but I have used all the others and feel that this one still comes out on top.

    Well great podcast, and thank you to all of you that put them out.


  9. sorenth says:

    what were the mods of the cast for this episode?

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