Episode 363, “The natural state of beta is change”

| August 23, 2020 | Reply

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More guides, more news, more updates, more leveling and testing in beta

Very little time to work on leveling toons in BfA

Complaints inside beta – how much changes

Thank the Blizzard gods for Torghast server!


Warlock leveling – finally got her to 120

Thanks to Caselock for getting me my Glacial Tidestorm mount

This Week in WoW

World Quest event starts next week

Trial of Style begins Monday, August 31


A plea for fishing help in beta

Blizzard Companion App will support Legion, BoA and Shadowlands when it’s released for the expansion

Ray tracing in Shadowlands

Diminishing returns in secondary stat ratings

After receiving 25% of a secondary stat from gear, increasingly more rating to increase another % from that gear

Example: 25% -35%: 10% penalty, up to 49-106%, 40% penalty. Capped at 106%.

Speed leveling in Shadowlands in under 3 hours using dungeon boosting – probably not going to stay

Yes, Blizzard is giving away beta access keys, but not in the Americas yet.

Observations on leveling 50-60 in beta

The downside to unpruning

Best to worst zones

Spoiler: Maw is the worst

Best story line: Revendreth

Best atmosphere and best sense of humor: Ardenweald

Maldraxxus: decent story, very straightforward

Bastion: more engaging than I thought the first time around, but still not interesting by comparison

Rogue: Assessing the Covenant abilities

Tips for things to have from BfA and prior (Goblin Gliders, Abyssal Healing Potions, high quality stat food)

Early impressions of gathering and professions

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