Episode 362 “Loot the trash mobs”

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Guides – covenant renown rewards, dungeon perks

Beta, lots of beta – level 57 finishing Ardenweald campaign

and why you should never train a rogue

Even more beta

the tl;dr descriptions of Covenants

Cocktails of the Covenants

But I did a goblin death knight to 63 (more on that later)


Rep grinding and leveling a warlock.

This Week in WoW

Cataclysm Timewalking

Free T-Shirt Day today (Sunday)

Stormwind: Dwarven District

Orgrimmar: Valley of Honor

Next Tuesday starts Arena Skirmishes


Naked & Afraid Winners!

Ketchupman – Lightforged Discipline Priest, 1 day 5 hours 4 minutes (also fourth with a Troll Enhancement Shaman at 1 day 10 hours 9 minutes) – Horgus mount

Guerrie – Void Elf Afflication Warlock with 1 day 7 hours 1 minute – Twilight pet

Drexl – Troll Guardian Druid with 1 day 8 hours 14 minutes – Transmorpher Beacon toy

Most Persistent: Zignea, with a Lightforged Shadow Priest at 2 days 21 hours 45 minutes.

Also thanks to finishers Thecowking, Koloka, Louielegdrop, Kara, Loosechange, and Hank. Koloka also ran more than one character.

Pre-patch on the PTR – what’s coming

Character creation and customization

New Player experience – Exile’s Reach and new leveling paths

The level and iLevel squishes

Limited time Scourge event

No time frame announced, but will be “several weeks” before expansion

Scourge event – updated gear from original WoTLK loot tables. Minimum level requirement for those items is 30 (or 80 for those who still speak BFA). Drop off bosses who spawn outside in Icecrown during the scourge event who used to be in dungeons and raids, like Patchwerk. Also zombie attacks in major cities.

Prepping for Shadowlands Pre-Patch

Level squish is coming to Shadowlands

Flying issue in Shadowlands: flying starts at level 30, which is level 80 in current reckoning

If you have any characters currently below 60, get them to 60 and teach them flying ASAP. Any characters who know flying going in will not have that skill taken away, even if they are below level 30 under the new system. (Time to make and park that Death Knight you’ve been wanting, or start at level 8 when the prepatch hits)

Gearing for Shadowlands

No real gear reset

Gear rewards are not super common, neither are drops

Maggie is 57 and has still not replaced 5 items – ilevel of blues is about 120, cloak is still 131 at level 4 (unimproved legendary cloak starts at 125). HoA was i489 and is now 132. No powers but still a good amulet.

iLevel translations

Starting characters in Beta with basic starter gear start out at iLevel 75. Some experimentation with character copy indicates this is about the same as iLevel 400-405.

My 443 character started out with iLevel 98.

Having gone through the Maw with a starter (75) and a better one (98), the latter is far more survivable

Therefore, you should consider iLevel 400 as “starter level”.

Easiest way to get higher iLevels is to advance your HoA and at least get a cloak, which will be 125 out of the gate with no ranks (remember, blues around level 55-56 are 115-120).

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