Episode 359, “Be excellent to each other”

| June 25, 2020 | Reply

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This Week in WoW

BC Timewalking Event week

Midsummer Fire Festival


Naked & Afraid

21 participants, 2 finishers, with 5 still in the running who are over level 60..

Naked & Afraid IV – we already have 2 finishers! Ketchupman (Troll Enhancement Shaman) with either 1d10h9m or 1d7h32m, and Kara (Vulpera Arms Warrior) with 1d19h15m

New Rule Announcement: 1-20 can use heirlooms


5-week Timewalking Events – includes a 50% XP bonus for the expansion’s zones that stacks with WInds of Wisdom

Now: Burning Crusade. June 30 – Wrath of the Lich King, July 7 – Cata, Jul 14 – Pandaria, 21 Jul Draenor, 28 Jul BoA

Alpha news

General Game World News

Twitch sells Curseforge sold to Overwolf – https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2020-06-22-twitch-sells-curseforge-to-overwolf

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