Episode 355, “5 billion Drizzts”

| April 30, 2020 | Reply

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Wowhead keeping me busy – three new guides this week, two for classic Silithus and the main news aggregator for Shadowlands beta, which requires updates 2-3 times a day. Lots of updates to existing Covenant and leveling overview guides

Playing Hardcore in Diablo III now

Congrats to WNN for downing N’zoth (dotted to death)


Still more Wowhead work

Still mostly playing D3

Still not in Alpha


Chilling in Classic

More about old characters and professions

This Week in WoW

Pet Battle Bonus Week – and it’s Super Squirt Trainer Day on Sunday May 3 for NA realms!

Children’s Week – May 1-7

New from 2019: four new pets, Scaley, Mr. Crabs, Beakbert, Froglet – from Kul’Tiran and Zandalari Orphan quests (a good combine with Super Squirt Day)

Darkmoon Faire setup starts Fri, May 1 in Classic and starts Sunday, May 3 in Retail. Starts Monday, May 4 in Classic.

Tuesday: Pandaria Timewalking starts

Discussion Points:

Michael Morhaime on accessibility and the waning of social interaction in MMORPGS

Ian Hazzikostas liveblog includes:

Expansion still set for 2020 release

Planning about 2 expansions ahead

Leaving a Covenant is not difficult; rejoining one you’ve left is

You can only equip one legendary at a time

Values for leveling rate are not yet tuned for Alpha

Demon Hunters: restriction on only 1 per server being relaxed for Shadowlands

Pathfinder will no longer be required for flying in Draenor and Legion zones with Shadowlands

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