Episode 354, “I write guides! Ask me how”

| April 16, 2020 | Reply

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Wowhead keeping me busy – three new guides this week, two for classic Silithus and the main news aggregator for Shadowlands beta, which requires updates 2-3 times a day. Lots of updates to existing Covenant and leveling overview guides

Playing Hardcore in Diablo III now

Congrats to WNN for downing N’zoth (dotted to death)


Sad trombone. Still no Shadowlands

Finished up Redridge.

Talk a bit about how I feel useless as a warlock in classic

This Week in WoW

Noblegarden – nothing new this year

Mike’s notes – This event sucks and needs a revamp

Battleground Bonus Event

Classic News

Zul’Gurub released- and Hakkar already down with all 5 high priests alive – never achieved during Vanilla – down in 1 minute 21 seconds

this was attempted just before BC launched by and they only got him to 2% with full Naxx gear

Silithus and Cenarion Circle released but not the leadup quests to AQ40

World Dragons released

Shadowlands stuff

First datamined/playtested Alpha went live 8 April – week ago Wednesday

Much of this can be located through Ren’s guide to Shadowlands Expansion News, https://www.wowhead.com/guides/shadowlands-expansion-news-datamining-and-playtesting

Updates on class changes, race changes, leveling changes, covenants, professions, and player customizations

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