Episode 346, “Make it so”

| January 16, 2020 | Reply

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Beat my first +4 mythic, completed but did not beat +5

Running and gearing up parallel Alliance and Horde shaman – running Alliance shaman as fast through war campaign as possible to get up to Battle of Dazar’alor

Final alt tally after Korrak’s – 6 Alliance 120s, 12 Horde 120s (18 total)

Looking at the holes:

All classes but one on Horde side have a 120.

Half the classes on Alliance side have a 120 (warrior, hunter, rogue, shaman, mage, and warlock)

No DKs either side; plan Mag’har and Kul’Tiran when allied races become possible.

Have lower levels on Alliance side mostly – dwarf pally, lightforged draenei priest, night elf demon hunter.

No monk Alliance; plan Mechagnome monk.

No druid Alliance; plan Worgen druid (maybe)

No tauren or highmountain tauren; none planned.

No empty slot for vulpera; will probably make Vulpera priest and retire Blood Elf priest to auction mule duty

That will give me all races except 2 Tauren races covered, and all classes represented on both sides. No panda on Alliance.


Priest to almost 31

Healed Deadmines, BFD, and Stockades (twice)

Started N’Zoth

Forgot to start Kun’Lai

Got a 440 wrist

Worked on Mechagnomes and Dark Iron Dwarves

Still need to do Kul’Tiran

245/250 mounts

Comparing toons


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