Episode 344, “WoW second-wind mid-life crisis”

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Rewrote guides for Classic AV and WSG

Running KRs with WNNs – shoutouts to Cryler, Zignea, Webbley, Drexl, Hidebound, Loosechanj, Zeryl, and our visitor JP

Have leveled up 5 more toons to 120 – Alliance warrior and mage; Horde mage, priest, and demon hunter. Horde nightborne monk is now 103; starting work on Zandalari shaman.

Started a lightforged Draenei priest – level 26. Yes, Alliance. In war mode.


Considering buying a new computer


Moved to Atiesh

Pagle started falling apart

Now in JunoEclipse’s guild

That means I had to start my Lock and Priest all over again.

Eh, that’s ok

How to level up skinning and cooking so easily in Elwynn

Why? Because when you get to Westfall you get level 80 recipes

Playing a rogue is SO SLOW

Exalted with Wavecrest

Now I have to work on the turtles

This Week in WoW

Ongoing: WoW Anniversary Event, Feast of Winter Veil

Winter Veil sleigh rides

Globe yeti spawn rates significantly increased (1 minute instead of 30 minutes)

Greatfather Pepe costume is a no-show

Tuesday: World Quest Bonus Event



Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley went live

Paid character transfers

Classic Winter Veil


Korrak’s Revenge – going until 7 January

Learned about Korrak’s Revenge, and how Christy got us hooked

Favorite stories from KRs – Christmas sweaters, Ren’s language issues, taking Zig through her first BG and then her owning them, Webbley’s laugh, the collective obsession with Stormpike Bowmen, Drexl’s bumming rides, and how Cryler single-handedly sabotaged an entire BG

Why you never click anything in tunnels – or, how much fun is it to kick naughty mages

XP and Korrak’s Revenge

Can go in as low as level 10 when the Group Finder becomes available; have seen a level 12 in there

Amount of XP you get increases as you go up in levels. Levels in some ways are depending on activities, but this is what I got for typical runs. In some ways, it depends on your effectiveness.

At level 25, I got about 28% of a level for a win (1.07 % for a win)

Level 40: 50% of a level for a win (1.2% per level)

Level 50: 95% of a level for a win (1.9%)

Level 62: 125% of a level for a win (2%)

Level 103: nearly 2 levels for a win (2%)

Lesson: doesn’t really make sense to go in until at least level 50. No epic speed land mount until 40; can’t get quests til level 60

Korrak: DO NOT KILL HIM THERE. Go to Zul’drak.

8.3 launch date announced: January 14

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