Episode 343, “Who’s PVPing at that hour?”

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Finished the 4 mythic dungeons

Finished guide to Classic Darkmoon Faire, starting on new guides

Running Rustbolt – revered


So close to exalted with Rustbolt

Got all the rares

Operation: Mechagon – megadungeon? More like a mini-raid

Some people like to work it out

Started working on Waveblade again. No need for a Kul’tiran, just cuz

Did my 4 mythics.

This Week in WoW

Darkmoon Faire

Super Squirt Day on NA servers

Wanderer’s Festival – Saturday, D,mec 7 – “Celebrate and honor Liu Lang and Shen-zin Su at Turtle Beach in Krasarand Wilds. It is a time for contemplation and song!”

Feast of Winter Veil coming up on Dec 16 – both Classic and Retail


Dottie the alpaca pet now available

The Launcher has a new banner

Classic, 8.3, Mechagnome, and BRD Pet Battle Dungeon

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