Episode 342, “Don’t pick your friend’s nose”

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Our week in WoW

This Week in WoW

This week – Battleground Bonus Event

Next week – BfA Dungeon Event begins

Monday Nov 25 – Pilgrim’s Bounty begins, goes to Monday, Dec 2 at 9:00 AM

Bountiful Table – if you eat 5 helpings of each available food at one table, gain Spirit of Sharing – 10% rep buff increase for 1 hour

Cooking – great way to get original WoW cooking from 1-300

Transmogs: Pilgrim’s Hat, Attire, Dress, Robe, and Boots. Includes Fine Pilgrim’s Hat, which can be used as a transmog for any armor-type hat. Found from Pilgrim’s Bounty, a daily quest reward.

Battle Pets: Frightened Bush chicken, from Pilgrim’s Bounty

Toys: Silver-Plated Turkey Shooter, from Pilgrim’s Bounty

Several achievements and the title Pilgrim


New podcast: People of Azeroth, hosted by Juno-Eclipse

Mike was on Frazlcast

PTR News

Classic News

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