Episode 341, “Six stacks of determination”

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Eight Warcasters and the Six Stacks of Determination, or Secrets of Success: Kick the Warrior and Announce Last Round

Happy 11th Anniversary, Lich King! (squish)

Doing the Cataclysm three-boss section next Wednesday Hordeside, all are welcome

Taking a break from Classic & taking advantage of Anniversary buff

Returning to tanking

Vengeance Demon Hunter 110-116

Finishing DID warrior and BE priest – 115

New guides live: Overview of Covenants and Overview of Leveling Changes. Indepth Covenant guides for each of the 4 covenants submitted. Currently writing articles for engineering and PvP.


Took a (mostly) break from WoW to put in time to Overwatch

This Week in WoW

WoTLK Timewalking


Shadowlands features

Class changes


Cosmetic changes

Classic update

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