It’s time Blizzard gave us better management tools in WoW

| August 6, 2008 | 7 Replies

Everquest. There, I said it. If there’s one thing that Sony has over Blizzard is that it went through the trouble of giving their players some wonderful tools for managing their characters and the people they interact with. I don’t play EQ2 as much as I used to, but I miss the tools quite a bit and I wish Blizzard would get around to implementing some or all of the ones listed below. With Wrath of the Lich King around the corner, I believe it’s time for Blizzard to finally give us some of the tools that in my opinion, should have been offered at least a year or two ago.

Instant Messaging with players in and out of the game

This is huge, and SOE gave us EQIM around 2001. It’s an application that runs under Windows and allows people to talk to guild members and friends in-game. This means you don’t need to have the entire game loaded just to talk to people, and it saves the people in-game from having to load a chat client on their machine.

For Everquest 2, SOE made the chat web-based.

Cross-server communication

This has been a staple of EQ, EQ2, and Star Wars Galaxies for many years. Not only can you communicate with people in other realms of the game you’re playing, but you can talk to people in other games!

Integrated Web Browser

Sony introduced this with Everquest 2 last year. Type /browser and you get a browser. It’s as simple as that. No alt-tabbing required. A great idea would be if Blizzard could perhaps allow direct linking between items and their own database for extended information. It wouldn’t have to bring up a whole browser, maybe the equivalent of a popup window.

Quest history

Ever share a quest with someone and the game replies back “Bob has completed that quest”? So why can’t Blizzard give the users the ability to look at which quests we did? Everquest 2 not only lists the quests you have, but gives you 75 quest slots, the date you did them, categories, the date you got the quest, and every completed quest you ever did. This would be a great way to see if you completed a group quest before going out to do it with friends.

Better guild management tools

Everquest 2 simply kicks ass in this. EQ2’s guild management tools tells you exactly what every member of your guild has done, and you can choose what to see and what not to see. It shows who dinged, what achievements they got, what epic drops they looted, when they level up a tradeskill (which doesn’t happen as often in WoW, it’s like getting an adventure level), and other things.

Better ‘looking for guild’ tools

In EQ2, guilds that are looking for new members don’t spam channels, they simply advertise on the Looking For Guild networkand are do a writeup of what exactly their looking for, what kind of guild they are, and who to contact.

Better auction house searches

EQ2 allows you to search by item type, stat, class, level range, rarity, and price.

I realize that Blizzard is keeping itself busy with their new expansion, but hopefully they’ll find some way to incorporate these changes into WoW soon. It’s been almost four years now and these changes really don’t seem that difficult to implement and it would save so much traffic on the General and Trade channels.

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  1. hordex says:

    I really love the IMing thing because im thinking i dont wanna play i just wanna talk to my friends and i think that that would be a real crowd pleaser.

  2. LadiThief (Terokkar) says:

    I love the idea of instant messaging as there are times I hate to log in but must to see what all my Azerothian friends are upto.
    And did I hear right about cross faction communication?
    That would also be excellent as there are 5 of us who are always running together all the time and to talk to them if they are in a BG or just solo questing while on their horde toon sure would solve communication problem.

  3. Bloodwin says:

    If Blizzard were super smart they’d make a Battlenet client like Twitterific or Twinkle and then have it able to track all of your online friends either in the game or outside it so that you could leave it more like a twitter message board than guild chat. That way you could let people in game know if you are running late and people in the game could say they are looking for a healer for a run in an hour or something.

    They should then port this to the desktop and to smart phones and obviously my iPhone because Facebook and Twitter and my guild forums aren’t enough 😛

    This would also mean that you could have cross sever or cross game chat and even (gods forbid) cross faction so if you want to go play your horde alt your guild can still call out for that DPS slot. Another thing to build in would be mail notifications and ability to send mail messages and also server status.

    Because it was made by blizzard they could have their own adds up at the top and a separate tab for news links so you could have your own little Blizz feed tab. Also a public ‘Barrens chat’ tab would be needed but avoided by everyone.

  4. Llanna Yl Shay says:

    I would love these implemented too, but Blizzard seems so End-Game and Content driven, as are most players, that depth of immersion continues to take a back seat. Also, it is less of a selling point to the newer players since the learning curve is so steep and getting steeper with every patch.

    Now, that said:

    I agree that integrated IM and Browsing would save many people plenty of time. I also think that for those of us who can’t play as much could still build relationships through IM when new to a guild and not in game, like me here at work while the guild raids TK or SSC. I could still stay connected to my guild mates, making it possible for me to get a spot on an off day before the raid fills up with people who may not need the content and are willing to step aside. I mean, really, who signs up?

    Although cross faction sounds good, I think that is the least likely. Too many opportunities for people to skew the BGs and World PVP. Imagine my buddies and I know Hordies personally. I make a deal to buy AFK wins in BG through the neutral AH and now I get a much higher chance to gain HK and BG wins. Sounds a little contrived, but seriously, not too contrived. Likely, actually.

    Quest History would be lovely, especially for those of us (like my self) who are alt-a-holics. Wow, is it hard to keep track of who went where.

    I do not manage guilds, so I cannot speak to that, but knowing what guild needs are, well that could be good and bad. Some guilds already set crazy requirements for new members, but I guess the stronger argument is the opposite, at least you would have an idea before bothering some poor officer who just wants to play for more than 5 minute sprints, and spamming and such would be (perhaps) less.

    The AH sort by options are offensive currently, so near anything would be an improvement.

  5. Llanna Yl Shay says:

    And BTW, when do we get more Podcast :)) Looking forward to the next one!

  6. LadiThief (Terokkar) says:

    Don’t rush it yet I am only upto #35. Wow it is hard to get them all done quickly. Excellent podcasts though and I will be listening to every single one of them.

  7. Jennifer says:

    I would love to see better guild management tools and the quest history, IMing would be useful to check in on things when I’m at work, but is a minor issue compared to the other two, for me. As far as the auction house user interface goes, there have already been interface mods that help with the searching/filtering issues, and Blizzard has shown that they will implement UI changes that are inspired by mods.

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