Episode 337, “Momma always said to bolt your linen”

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Ren –

Still making little leveling progress

Wrote a feature article on WoW Classic Tailoring for Cheapskates – https://classic.wowhead.com/news=295400/wow-classic-tailoring-alternate-cheap-leveling-1-300-methods

Published https://classic.wowhead.com/guides/wow-classic-best-food and https://classic.wowhead.com/guides/wow-classic-flight-points-zeppelins-boats-travel

Starting a series about all WoW classic trainers (including pet, demon, and portal trainers)

Mike –

Lots of Classic stuff

This Week in WoW

Brewfest ends Sunday

Darkmoon Faire starts Sunday

Battle for Azeroth dungeon event starts Tuesday

How Wowhead is being totally ripped off — DO NOT support classicdb.ch or https://vanilla-twinhead.twinstar.cz

Blizzcon Virtual Ticket now available for purchase

Cost: $49.99

Access to streams of all events – replays available until March 31, 2020

In game loot:

World of Warcraft – pair of faction specific Murloc pets and Wendigo Woolies transmog

Overwatch – Overwatch skins look like Illidan and Tyrande

Hearthstone – Golden Legendary card

Heroes of the Storm – BlizzCon spray and portrait, and a Celestial Deepcrawler mount

StarCraft II – 3 new skins – Classic Battlecruiser, Classic Ultralisk, and Classic Carrier.

“More”, including a pair of wings for Diablo III players

8.2.5 went live

War Campaign finale

Goblin and Worgen model updates

Recruit A Friend returns

Honeyback Harvester Bee Mount – work with Barry to locate the hive and court the favor of the Hivemother and earn the Honeyback Harvester mount. Both factions can earn other bee-themed toys and items.

WoW 15th Anniversary – November

Log in to receive the Anniversary Gift: Lil’ Nefarian pet, Celebration Package that increases XP and rep during the event, a reusable firework, an item that teleports you to the Caverns of Time during the event, other goodies

Defeat 3 bosses in 3 event wings to be awarded the Obsidian Worldbreaker mount

Burning Crusade: Kael’thas Sunstrider, Lady Vash, Archimonde

WOTLK: Heigan the Unclean, Anub’arak, The Lich King

Cata: Chogall, Nefarian, Ragnoros

Alabaster Mounts from in-game shop

Korrak’s Revenge – a throwback battleground to old Alterac Valley

Party Sync – when activated, everyone in party becomes aligned to the same quest state and phase. Includes “replay quest” for players who have already completed a quest. Quests can be replayed for rewards once per day.

Relaxing level restrictions: when a lower-level and higher-level character queue for instanced content, higher level players will scale down to match. They will also lose any abilities that aren’t appropriate for the new lower level.

New Timewalking: Firelands

Changes to Lunar Festival (Jan 24 – Feb 7 2020): complete the Rite of the Moon to make flower crowns transmoggable year round.

Black Market – removed Grimoire of the Four Winds, added new items

Timewalking vendors now restrict their wares to those who participate in their respective Timewalking events

Several items created with Kul Tiran Engineering now restrict to level 110 or higher – these include Electroshock Mount Motivator, F.R.I.E.D, Organic Discombobulation Grenade, Thermo-Accelerated Plague Spreader, Unstable Temporal Time Shifter

World Quests and Missions now offer gold or war resources to players who have maxxed out their Heart of Azeroth

All reputation requirements have been removed from several War Campaign quests

Auction House purchases over 50k gold now require a confirming dialogue box

Player characters can now be displayed in the Mount Journal preview

Players can now toggle between the map of a quest’s final destination and its starting point by clicking the arrow icon next to it on the map

Classic News:

Estimates that Classic has increased WoW subs by 223%

Layering update

All realms will be on a single layer by the time Phase 2 is rolled out

All realms have a maximum of 2 layers – the 13 least populated realms are all permanently set to a single layer

Realms that are operating on more than one layer will soon say “layered”. You’ll only see Full/High/Medium/Low on realms set to a single layer

Will continue to offer free character moves to balance populations and manage login queues

No date for Phase 2, but confirmed that there will be 2 world bosses (Azuregos and Lord Kazzak).

Reports it will take more than 30 minutes to kill Azuregos — intentional on Blizzard’s part to prevent corpse running

Corpse running – when you run back to your body to resurrect – but when you are killed by Azuregos you get a Mark of Frost debuff that freezes you solid for 15 minutes.

Dire Maul also being reintroduced, as well as the Honor System and PvP rank rewards – Battlegrounds won’t come back til phase 3

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