Episode 336, “Wowhead is Renata’s personal notebook”

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Advanced Adulting last week

Still very slow progress: 23 rogue

Finished a few more guides: Cooking Ingredients A-Z, fishing location guide, travel guide — have two more assignments to finish next week and several more backlogged

Interesting travel facts – a stray 6.0 feature and travel times


Fun in Classic

This Week in WoW

Pirate’s Day (today)

Brewfest: starts Friday, Sep 20 – Sun, Oct 6

Nothing new for 2019, not running on Classic

2018 update: Coren Direbrew’s trinkets are iLevel 335

Timewalking starts Tuesday, 24 Sep – Warlords of Draenor



Snapback Scuttler mount now available for completing the Undersea Usurper achievement in Nazjatar

8.2.5 upcoming patch

New items coming to the Black Market Auction House

NA realms: free transfers start today – only to specific realms (eg. Pagle to Windseeker). EU realms start tomorrow (Sep 20). Free transfers will be available for 11 days.

New servers: New PvP Classic Spanish server Mandokir, and free PvP character moves to the new Brazilian Portuguese PvP realm Sul’thraze and Latin American Spanish PvP realm Loatheb.

Other news

Blizzard announced that there has been an arrest in the case of the DDOS attacks that plagued the server on September 7-8.

Several things available by 1.12 are not available in Phase 1, including

Thorium Brotherhood reputation rewards

Classic Sunken Temple Class quests

Bug #1: Buffs falling off before the 32 buff cap – most observed issue was a loss in +hit bonuses.

Bug #2, part 2: Some raids have been resetting prior to the weekly lockout, likely due to the layering issue. One streamer found that Molten Core had reset since the last visit less than a week ago, and actually checked with Blizzard before proceeding.

Bug #3: No Summer Bass

Bug #4: Feign Death not working properly

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