Episode 66 is up

| July 7, 2008 | 3 Replies

Blizzard Authenticators

Midsummer Festival

Renata vs. the G15 keyboard

Diablo III

Patch 2.4.3 notes

Mod of the Cast – Mob Info II

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  1. Marie says:

    Patch 2.4.3 is in the player test realms, but not in the regular realms yet. Looking forward to it RSN! Great podcast, thanks guys! I just found it recently.

  2. LadiThief (Terokkar) says:

    Yay I am almost all caught up on the podcasts. Great program Starman & Ren. Only 2 more to go at the moment.

  3. Moomer says:

    I just started listening to this podcast and i really like the mod of the cast this week so i have have one question

    How do I get mods?

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