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| July 2, 2008 | 11 Replies

Three years. If someone told me the show would still be running three years later and that we’d be the longest running WoW podcast, I would tell them they were off their Elekk.

I started the show as a way to continue doing broadcasting of some kind after there were all these broadcast fees with copyrighted music. I had a background in radio and loved doing it as a hobby, but it was impractical on the internet.

I also like teaching people. I guess it came from having teachers as parents, but I despised teaching. My dad let me teach his physics class a few times and it was great, but his stories about politics and the crap he took from students really turned me off from teaching as a profession.

I also don’t like teaching computer science. I don’t know why because I love reading about it. I think there’s something a little cold about computers that I can’t bring to people, but I can teach gameplay. World Of Warcraft allows people do to so much and I feel privileged that people still listen to the show after all these years and hear what we have to say.

So I’d like to thank everyone involved in the show in every way: the listeners, the bloggers, the fellow podcasters, the guests, Blizzard, Lindyen, and of course, Renata for her undying dedication to this show.

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  1. Alachia says:

    In the turmoil that is life in the meta and its every changing terrain. I’m very excited that Warcast has remained true and stayed the course. Thanks for being our constant wow neighborhood darlings and a staple to the World of Warcraft community.

    You guys totally deserve an
    [Epic Medallion of the Podcasting]

  2. Leala says:

    Grats! Thanks for sticking with it so long and giving us so much info. /bow

  3. Macnor says:

    Hi guys. Well done for passing the test of time. I’m fairly new to WoW and your podcast but I must say that yours is by far the best I’ve subscribed to (in my humble opinion anyway).

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Bloodwin says:

    Well done on 3 years. You guys are the best quality WoW podcast going. Thank you for making the show and inspiring me to be a better player.

  5. luis says:

    man has it bin that long lol.nothing teams up better that listnig to your pod cast an playing wow.keep up the great work guys.

  6. Moheachaos says:

    Wow. Grats guys. I hope that you will continue your amazing work with the show. The stuff that you put up with and the experiments you run just draw me even closer to the show. I hope you keep it up and a big /salute to world of warcast.

  7. Vedesten says:

    Congratulations guys! Been listening for a long time and the shows great. Keep up the good work.

  8. Jarvilbur says:

    Congratulations! I must tell you that subscribing to this podcast has been one of the best made decisions in my WoW career. Starman and Renata bring such a wealth of information to the cast that it makes this podcast too good to pass up. I am so glad that this podcast has lasted this long for I do not know what I would do with out my weekly fix! =D /cheer

  9. Anca says:

    Congratulations guys!

    I’m a new listener but I enjoy your podcast alot! Keep up the great work!

    P.S. I think they changed the requirement on the Philosopher’s stone because it is a trinket that gives +5 to all stats now.

  10. LadiThief (Terokkar) says:

    Truly a monumental milestone!!
    I have just started listing to your pod cast at episode 1 I am now on episode 15 and enjoy it all. I am totally committed to getting to #66 and them hopefully #70 or more. You have definitely helped me choose some of my alts and how to re-develope some of my old ones. I am new to tanking and Renata’s Warrior’s Den (at least in episodes 10-15 so far) are a must and has had a lot of weight with my decision and methods with my warrior.
    So again grats all coinsider this a major DING!

  11. SMandRNT says:

    I love this show ive seen all episodes grats on 3 years i think you guys should automatically get like a mount in wow that looks like a panda or some title awsome show guys!

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