Episode 332, “Math is hard”

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Got UD rogue to 11 in Classic during extended stress test

Made many suicide runs to take screenshots, get coordinates

Still not exalted with Nazjatar

2 more Wowhead guides published: Classic Leather Farming Guide Part 2: Specialty Scales and Leathers and Classic Basics: Soloing in Classic 101. In development: farming guides for herbs and ores. All farming guides have been reclassified as Gold Making instead of Professions.


Revered with Nazjatar

Almost honored with Rustbolt

Love Mechanar


Got to 15 on a priest. Again.

Got six toons’ names

Tried cooking

This Week in WoW:

Battlegrounds Bonus Event began Tuesday, Battle of Azeroth Dungeon Event starts next Tuesday

Tomorrow: Free T-Shirt Day


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