Episode 65 is up

| June 28, 2008 | 5 Replies

Blizzard announces SecureID for accounts

And Blizzard announces Diablo III!

Mage Roundtable with Christy from Analog Hole Gaming, Dave from In The World, and a special guest.

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  1. knux says:

    Forgot to mention that aliens play a big role in the cast! ^_^ Anyways Hunter was the first fave for me since it’s just so damn easy to level but I think Mage will be my second, I have one of all the classes and I think Mage is my new fave with Pally then Hunter then Druid… Rogue is very last fun to me but that is because early CC is almost impossible to accomplish and you wipe ALOT while leveling… Course she’s only at lvl 20 o well enough tangent great episode keep it up!

  2. Tlenaab says:

    Just listened to the new podcast for a number of times now. I’m frustrated,, because the case was brought up for the two main mage crafted sets… the Frozen Shadoweave set and the Spellfire set. Please, could we have some discussion about them? the pluses, the minuses? I noticed on Wowwiki the statement about how they are the best sets for mages until 25 man raids.
    What about gems, and speccing and such with these sets? I now have both, and they are both gemmed for spell damage,, but I could really find use for conversation on them.
    With all the time spent on the mage roundtable, which was fantastic btw, it was difficult having the two main sets of mage wear only danced around in conversation.
    Any help or good conversation would be helpful,
    Thanks, Tlenaab

  3. {[M]}{[M}] says:

    Hey guys!
    I recently started listening to your pod-cast.
    My main is a level 18 Mage. . . . give me a break I just started playing this month and I have a short attention span!
    your Mage round table was very informative but I did have some questions. . .
    1.) You covered alot about mages starting around level 30 But would you have any tips on a level 18 like myself?
    2.)several times you mentioned a mod called Omen but you didn’t really tell us anything about it. So could you elaborate on that a little bit more.

    Other then that you were great,

  4. Jason says:

    Just finally listened to this show.

    I really like the round table format. I definitely look forward to hearing more round table shows on various topics regarding WoW after the classes are done. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the show with just the two of you hosting, but the round tables bring a nice variety and it’s always good to hear other players’ perspectives.

    Keep it up!

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