Episode 329, “I have barnicles on my shoulders”

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Router choking

Started Nazjatar with mage – grouping issues

Divide and Conquer strat,egy for 8.2

Confirmed: Pathfinder 2 has fully credited for both Explore Mechagon/Explore Nazjatar achievements gained on two separate characters

Wowhead: published first guide, Lost Recipes of Azeroth – working on topics for next guides


Started working on converting files to MP3


Sold NOTHING on the AH


Starts today: BoA dungeon event

4th – Thursday: Fireworks Spectacular – fireworks every hour visible from Booty Bay, Stormwind and Orgrimmar

5th – Friday – Fireworks Spectacular ends, Midsummer Fire Festival ends

7th – Sunday – Darkmoon Faire begins

9th – Eternal Palace raid opens, Pet Battle Bonus event


New Mount Reward for 6 Month Subscription – Syverian Dreamer

Battle for Azshara 8.2

Undocumented patch notes

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