Episode 328, “In a world…”

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Ren –

Vacation leads into work-a-thon

New writing gig

Playing on other podcasts

Playing Diablo 3 Season 17 (when I have the time) and waiting for 8.2


Timewalking with Ali

Got my Midsummer hearthstone

Did peeing on the horde cities change?

Got my BC mount

Got a tailoring recipe I never had


Made it to level 8

Didn’t have enough time to spend in it as much as I wanted

Herbalism and Alchemy

This Week in WoW

Midsummer Festival started last Friday 6/21 and will run until Friday, 7/5

Battlefield Bonus week


Naked & Afraid 3

New Finishers in Fully Strapped! Zeryl, Kul Tiran Balance druid in 2 days 22 hours 12 minutes – joining Kara’s two druids in the 2 days 22 hours club (hers finished at 4 minutes and 16 minutes). Also Alberthe, Kul Tiran Guardian druid at 3 days 6 hours 34 minutes. Alberthe mentioned that this was the first Naked and Afraid challenge she had finished!

New Finisher in Truly Naked! Gorrum, Kul Tiran Guardian druid finished in 4 days 1 hour 21 minutes.

Classic Server

Indexing old episodes

European realm structure – EU realms will not be split by language, except for Russian.

Stress Test servers now show as WoW Classic under Live – four realms in US, two PvP, two PvE

Next stress test: Jul 18-19 and will involve EU test realms as well

8.2 on Tuesday!


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