Episode 324, “Wanna do my Ogri’la for me?”

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DID warrior now 97 – spent nearly all of 80-90 in one zone (Jade Forest)

Very little time spent in-game

Stupid discovery of the week: didn’t realize mission champions could go Legendary


Rep grinding:

Finished last couple Draenor factions (Laughing Skull and Steamwheedle Preservation Society

Switched to Klaxxi, Dominance Offensive and Sunreaver Onslaught – also finishing up Avengers of Hyjal

This Week in WoW

BFA Dungeon Event ends Tuesday

Pet Battle Bonus Event starts Tuesday 21st

NA Squirt Day! Friday, May 24th



Mount equipment – one slot to rule them all

Safe Haven cinematic – return of Thrall

Worgen and Goblins will be the next to get heritage armor

Warcraft 15th Anniversary is coming up – turns 15 on November 23

8.2 News

WoW Classic News

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