Secure logins coming to World Of Warcraft

| June 26, 2008 | 15 Replies

On the heels of what I just wrote about Blizzard needing to beef up security, Blizzard announced today that they will be introducing a SecureID-type device that’s associtated with your account. What this does is generate a random number that you put into your login screen. You and ONLY you know this code and it’s generated every few minutes.

Click here to read all about it on Blizzard’s FAQ site about this device.

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  1. skyhawk says:

    That is awesome, finally I can feel a little more secure and less paranoid about being hacked.

  2. nerrollus says:

    These look like the RSA tokens that my work uses for allowing users to log into the company network remotely.

    If you’re required to put in your ID, password, then the random code off this thing it’s pretty much impossible to hack. The number changes every 7 seconds, so even if someone was trying to brute force your account there’s no chance of them getting in.

    Only way your account could be hacked is if someone got ahold of your ID, password, and the token generator.

  3. Celtia says:

    I’ll probably get one, assuming it doesn’t cost 3 times as much to ship it to me.

  4. OwlBoy says:

    Crazy. But very cool.

  5. Moheachaos says:

    wow this is great. It’s funny that right after you posted this Starman that Blizzard came up with this. I’m glad that they are finaly doing something to prevent keyloggers from stealing accounts that people work hard for. /Yay for FINALY getting another step towards defeating this nuisance.


  6. Grimjow says:

    hiw long do the batteries last and are they changeable?

  7. Starman says:

    Grimjow: I heard two years, and I don’t know if they’re replacable. I’m sure B thought of that.

    Moheachaos: I’ve been complaining about this for months on the forums and people thought I was an idiot for even bringing it up. Natch 😀

    Owlboy: Hoo hoo!

    Celtia: hehe. good point.

  8. Moheachaos says:

    Oh I know lol i have been hearing you exclaim your hatred for keyloggers on the podcast haha. I always laugh when you say to the listeners that keyloggers should burn in another level of hell and i totally agree. I just meant that right after you posted about alachia being hacked, and i had left some comments there as well, they came up with this and i was going nuts 🙂

    thanks for keeping us informed Starman!!!


  9. nerrollus says:

    The ones we use at our work last 5 years and when the batteries die they ship you a new one and you send the old one back so they can recycle it.

    Not sure if that’s what blizzard will do, but the batteries should last a similar length of time.

  10. matt says:

    my main thought on this is that these are great and I think blizzard has put them in a good price range but of the 10 million I honestly don’t expect blizzard to sell more than 100,000. Between people that never here about it, people that think there safe, or simply don’t want to pay for these. This will do little to fix the problem of account hacking. Blizzard still need to put better safeguards in on there end.

    It seems blizzard likes to put the solution for problems at players feet more then deal with it themselves. Where thats battleground AFKing or need for security. Is this a good step I think so. If they ship one of these with ever new wow battle chest or WotlK set I will with think even more of that but since that seems unlikely I think there is still much more blizzard need to do.

  11. Bloodwin says:

    I got mine yesterday in Paris and it works great. There is no way to change the battery on it but I have no idea how long the battery will last. It works in addition to your password so you see the log in screen add your password (btw copy paste isn’t going to protect you) then a small window comes up and asks you for your code which you get from the authenticator.

    I think it’s great the price is so low. They sold out of the devices within about 3 hours yesterday so I am glad I queued early. I would easily expect Blizzard to sell millions of these, maybe not 10 million but 2 or 3 million easily.

    I think they should include it with new copies of the game even if they bump up the price. I certainly think it should come with any ‘battle chest’ or collectors editions.

  12. Ben says:

    These seem like a great idea. I thought that my account was safe and still don’t know what I did wrong but my account got hacked into this morning. I would recommend that everybody get one of these even if you think that you’re not at risk.

  13. knux says:

    And they are now available and the site is down! WOOT WOOT… O well I will check it out tomm

  14. Carolyn McLelan-Ott says:

    I love this idea, but apparently I can’t get one for use in Canada. Any idea if or when we will be able to get them for Canadian users! $6.50 is such a small price to pay for account security!! Where would I post to ask Blizz about Canadian security keys?


  15. Renata says:

    The authenticator is currently sold out (don’t color me surprised over that one). I bought three, one for myself, one for Cryler, and one for a friend of mine.

    If it plugs into a USB port, it will be powered off that, rather than powering off a battery.

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