Episode 322, “It’s 5pm in Greenland”

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DID warrior now 97 – spent nearly all of 80-90 in one zone (Jade Forest)

Very little time spent in-game

Stupid discovery of the week: didn’t realize mission champions could go Legendary


Mount farming – nothing.

Crucible on normal w/Ali. So much fun

Finished up more of the war campaign.

Trying to get a damn belt lol. It’s 355 blue.

Did NOT do Noblegarden.


Noblegarden – ends tomorrow – three new bunny ear circlets in blue, brown, and yellow (50 chocolates each) for transmog and the hearthstone Noble Gardener’s Hearthstone (250 chocolates).

End of World Quest Bonus week – ends Tuesday

Timewalking – Pandaria starts Tuesday

Children’s Week – starts Thursday 5/2 and ends Thursday 5/9


Naked & Afraid 3

Info about Blizzcon 2019

Suspensions went out this week

Classic news

8.2 PTR news

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