Episode 320, “The dishwasher boss went down”

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We bought a new dishwasher…

Remembering why I hate Zul’drak

Loving resto shaman life


BoD with Ali

Still can’t get the damn staff from BoD.

In fact, got a ton of stuff I already had.

Got the mog toy

Achievements w/Ali – aka – f’n golden egg

Did people change or the game change?

This Week in WoW

Pet Battle Event – no confluence with Squirt day on NA realms, but Tuesday was one on Euro realms (next one will be 24 May 2019)

Darkmoon Faire starts today- new things

Darkmoon Faire Roller Coaster – serves same purpose as the carousel for getting the xp/rep Buff, but MUCH slower

By timer: Roller coaster took 1:20 to get the buff; carousel 13 seconds; carousel is over 9x faster

Getting off the coaster early doesn’t help

New balloon pets – Horse, Murloc and Wolf. 90 tickets each. Companion only, not battle.

Fish head hats – random fishing reward – white quality, 5 at a time

Reminder: make sure to get any professions to level 75 in Vanilla to do the corresponding profession quest in DMF

March of the Tadpoles micro-event: April 5th – Borean Tundra


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