Episode 318, “Circle gets the square”

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Raiding with Leashes (8/11) – gotten the two from Terrace of Endless Spring and the five from Heart of Fear, and one from Moshugan Vaults (Comet). Missing three from Moshugan Vaults (Stoneclaw, Wayward Spirit and Baoh-Xi). Bit of a pickle with Blade Lord Tal’yak.

Kul Tiran druid – not playing the race game

Druid healing is not for me

Bought the transmog mount (but not giving up on making money)

Can’t continue War Campaign … yet

Magni … Magni … Magni…


I guested on FrazlCast with Ali!



ArkInventory issues


This Week in WoW

Un’Goro Madness – today through Tuesday

Tuesday: Battleground Bonus Event

Wednesday: Trial of Style 3 (20-24)

Four new ensembles to purchase at 60 Trial of Style tokens, all based on Cataclysm End Time dungeon sets


Naked & Afraid 2 closed

Three new 120 finishers: Kara (Blood Elf Ret Paladin) 3 days 15 hours 14 minutes; SniperFrog (Dark Iron Dwarf Marksman Hunter), 3 days 5 hours, 16 minutes, and Sevy (Gnome Fire Mage) 2 days 18 hours 21 minutes.

Following Honorable Mentions for getting 90 or above: Ali, Hidebound, and Alberthe


Fastest Finisher: Sevy, Gnome Fire Mage, Regular Division, 2 days 18 hours 21 minutes

Fastest Finisher, Warmode Edition: Thecowking, Void Elf Brewmaster Monk, 2 days 23 hours 17 minutes

Most Persistent – Skwahog, Void Elf Affliction Warlock, 6 days 14 hours 28 minutes

Most Gold: Kara, Blood Elf Retribution Paladin – 55,291

Naked & Afraid 3 – All Druids All Day edition, open

Fully Strapped edition – 28 participants so far — 11 Zandalari, 11 Kul Tiran, 2 Highmountain, 2 Troll, 1 Tauren, 1 Worgen

Truly Naked edition – 10 participants so far – 5 Kul Tirans, 2 Worgen, 1 Zandalari, 1 Tauren, I signed up but undecided

Current Leaders: (Levels and times current as of 9 AM)

Fully Strapped: Thecowking (Zandalari feral) level 80 with 17 hours 45 minutes

Truly Naked: Morgahnn (Zandalari feral) level 52 with 15 hours 58 minutes

Issue with Discord overlay – Blue post acknowledging there is a problem with game display issues and crashes for users of Discord overlay

8.1.5 news

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