Episode 317, “Pumpkin memorial meow”

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Lots of advanced adulting this week (had to miss #WNN)

Working on a nightborne monk as well as the dark iron dwarf warrior

Also working on some rep grinds – still needs more Proudmoore Admiralty


DH to 119

Darkshore bosses

Achievements with Ali

This Week in WoW

Darkmoon Faire until midnight, Sunday March 10th (Daylight Saving Time?)

World Quest event runs until Tuesday, March 12

8.1.5 lands Tuesday

Also starts Tuesday: Wrath of the Lich King Timewalking

Ungoro Madness, March 17-19


Naked & Afraid 2 running until March 12th

Naked & Afraid 3: All Druids All Day – Clothing Optional

Starts … NOW!

Rule changes fleshed out – posted off our Discord N&A 3 channel

8.1.5 lands Tuesday

More info on Tools of the Trade

Raiding with Leashes: Pets of Pandaria

New mechanical parrot quest – “Feathers”

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