Episode 315, “It’s one bigger”

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Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/starmike


Three down, one to go: Waycrest Manor with #WNN with Kara, Alla, Zignea and Level

Discipline priest or resto shaman?

Playing with healing mods

The secret of the vulpine familiar


Fun with Ali

Druid to 110

This Week in WoW

Love Is In the Air – through Tuesday Feb 26th

Burning Crusade timewalking

Hatching of the Hippogryphs – Sun Feb 23


Layoffs at Activision/Blizzard – 8% work force (800 out of 9600 employees), primarily in public relations, marketing, and esports

Love Is In the Air:

New this year:

Peddlefeet’s Lovely Hearthstone – 150 Love Tokens

Must be 110 or higher to acquire the Big Love Rocket mount

Crown Company Necklace rewards are ilevel 365 max for 120 players (????)

Economy hint:

Swift Lovebird, for 270 Love Tokens, can be bought and sold on the AH (on Whisperwind median price is about 125k

Naked & Afraid Update

No new finishers but several people in the 70-90 range

This season will end: Wednesday, March 20th

Naked & Afraid 3: All Druids All Day will start about 2 weeks after the launch of 8.1.5

WNN will try to help people finish the Pride of Kul Tiras/Nation Divided for folks who need that to open Kul Tiras (Zandalaris have no dungeon requirements; Kul Tirans have 4)

Wednesday Night Normals

8.1.5 patch news


Ren: Still making around 20k/day but shifted focus from farming mats to crafting stirrups and hoofplates with cheap monelite

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