Episode 314, “Bite-sized dungeons”

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Wednesday Night Normals group – Shrine of the Storm and the Battle of the Bridge

Zignea, Level, Geomancer, and Alla

Got 10th 120 – finished my Horde panda mage

Economy talk in news


I have decided to start getting money

Went through all my toons to see what I have

My value is 2.1M gold

So many things that are wasting space

This Week in WoW

Darkmoon Faire ends Feb 9th, 11:59 PM server time

Lunar Festival ends Feb 11th

Love Is In The Air starts Feb 12th (no information on updates for 2019)

Pet Battle Bonus Event begins Feb 12th – no Squirt battle available for NA realms (not until May 24th), but she will be up on EU realms on Sunday, Feb 17th


Method World First – Mythic Jaina (Limit was either #2 or #3)

8.1.5 news

Fun with Tradeskill Master

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