Episode 313, “Alliance cat”

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Twitch: http://twitch.tv/starmiketv

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Warcast group run on Tol Dagor, after making a dreadful discovery

Didn’t stream or record; computer equipment not up to the challenge

Alliance warlock now Exalted with 7th Legion, working on all quests, “finished” War Campaign

Horde warlock working through war campaign

Trying TradeSkill Master – discussion later on the state of professions


Did not do my Void Elf

Ran a dungeon w/Ren

Hellfire Citadel

Got everything except the belt

Will be trying to make 5 million gold

This Week in WoW

Darkmoon Faire, Feb 3-9

Battle for Azeroth Dungeon Event


Naked & Afraid updates

Newest 120s: Ketchupman, Normal Division, Void Elf Beastmaster Hunter – 2 days 19 hours 34 minutes – current leader in BOTH divisions — Also Kara, Blood Elf Ret Pally, first Horde finisher, 3 days 15 hours, 4 minutes (adjusted)

Fully Strapped divisions have received consistent enthusiasm, not just from those who plan to use it

Lunar Festival –

7 new toys – Green Dragon and Blue Dragon Tail, Body, and Head Costumes, and Lunar Elder’s Hearthstone sold by Fariel Starsong – similar to the Red Dragon costume pieces introduced in 2017

New complication: Because of the destruction of Lordaeron and the World Tree, if you’re doing these with post-110 characters, you will need to talk to Zidormi to restore certain zones.

Undercity and Tirisfal Glades – near the Ruins of Undercity

Teldrassil and Darnassus – outside Lor’danel in Darkshore

Silithus – near Valor’s Rest

Blasted Lands – north entrance of Blasted Lands

Hogrus, Year of the Pig mount, introduced to Blizzard store – $25 US

Battle of Dazar’alor Mythic and Raid Finder 1 unlocked

Race to World First Dazar’alor Jaina kill

Professions in WoW

Getting serious about making coin

Tradeskill Master has been a revelation

Features that make a difference

Prices of actual sales, not just what people post things for

Integrated DE prices and prices of crafting based on real time component prices

Instant information on what is profitable to make, or profitable to sell the components and buy

What drove this idea: discovery that Method is using Skystep Potions in its Jaina strat

The idea that consumables (potions, enchants, contracts) are the big money makers, but they are not – various information on some of the professions

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