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The Midsummer Fire Festival started in Azeroth. Previously, this was one of the absolute lamest holiday festivities in the game. This year, Blizzard put a new twist on the festiviites.

Previously, the best item you could get was the [item]Captured Flame[/item], a little red wisp that followed you everywhere. The other items were a set of shoulders and headpiece which were pretty useless. Pets are at least interesting to show off and don’t require you to change equipment to do so. In order to get the [item]Captured Flame[/item] you had to visit each opposing factions’ bonfires and steal them all.

This year, there’s a Midsummer Fire Festival vendor which sells items based on the number of Burning Blossoms you have. This year, I went for the [item]Brazier of Dancing Flames[/item].

Apart from the prizes, you either get a boatload of gold, or a boatload of XP. This year, Blizzard put bonfires in most of the flightpoints and towns in the game for both factions. If you honor your faction’s bonfire you get 5 Burning Blossoms, and at most 5000 XP if you’re under level 70, or 5g 99s if you’re level 70. If you visit an opposing faction’s bonfire, you get 10 Burning Blossoms, and at most 9000 XP if you’re under level 70, or 11g 99s if you’re level 70.

This allowed me to go from 56 to 58 in less than a day without doing anything more than going from flight point to flight point. I would suggest checking WoWWiki’s page on the festival to get a list of bonfires to visit for each faction so that you spend less time travelling and more time getting XP or gold.

There are two daily quests that you can do: Torch Catching and Torch Tossing. Torch Tossing is easy, you toss a torch into marked spots in a certain period of time. TIP: Set up a hotkey for your torch. Torch Catching is where you throw torches in the air and catch them as they fall. TIP: follow the shadow of the torch on the ground. The first toss is always high and long, the others are short.

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