Episode 308, “Revenge of the show notes”

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Finished second part of war campaign on Horde – what’s unlocked anyway

Up to seven 120s, closing in on #8 – getting sick of the 110-120 leveling grind

Thoughts on incursions

Thoughts on Battle of Darkshore

Taking advantage of the leveling improvements

Learning to “edit”


New headset – yes, another one


Got the Hivemind

Spending time on misc. things

Might start on toys this weekend.

This Week in WoW

Ongoing: Feast of Winter Veil

BfA Dungeon Event until Tuesday

Tuesday starts Pet Battle Bonus Event – and Squirt Day on NA servers!


Naked & Afraid Update

Disabling XP Gains at 110?

Blood soaked Tome of Dark Whispers – allows hunters to tame blood beasts (crawgs and blood ticks)

Blizzard is retiring several mounts, pets, and helms from the Blizzard store –

Ivus loot bug: suspensions incoming

Pet Smugglers: Olly and Dodger

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