Episode 303, “Hither and yon”

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Renata –

Exalted with all BfA factions Hordeside

2 level 30s in Naked and Afraid – one doing MUCH better than the other

120 #5 – Orc destruction warlock

This Week in WoW

Darkmoon Faire until Saturday

Pet Battles this week (Squirt is coming November 10!)

Monday 12th: Moonkin Festival

Tuesday: Burning Crusade timewalking


Naked & Afraid is well underway! And with that ….

Experience Reduced in upcoming 8.1

Experienced required to level from 20 to 120 has been reduced – biggest reductions

In the level 20-32 ramps up from 2.5% to 20% drop

33-58 ramps up from 20% to 39% drop, about a half percent increase per level

59-66 40% drop

67-80% 39-26% drop, reducing 1% per level

81-111 25% drop

Minimal drop 111-120 (less than 1%)

Allied race issue: Classes misreported at Blizzcon

Zandalar trolls cannot be warlocks, and Kul Tirans can be mages.

Classic Demo extended to November 12th

Diablo Immortal: Conflicting info on whether Blizzard was planning to present D4 information at Blizzcon but then decided against it.

Blizzard has said they did not make such plans

Blizzard has said they are working on several mobile projects across multiple titles, some with NetEase, others internally

Segment: Making WoW friendly for people that are dyslexic

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