Episode 301, “Camp taco”

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Discord: http://discord.worldofwarcast.com

Twitch: http://twitch.tv/starmiketv

Mount Up Add-on: https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/mount-up


First BFA reps maxxed: Exalted with Honorbound and Zandalari (we need paragon rep!)

Finished 5 island campaigns on main – questioning whether will do it on other characters

Attempted 2 man of Atal’Dazar – almost but not quite there. High 340s not quite enough.

Mag’har racial opening quest is the WORST — and a new justification/motivation for leveling another toon

Mag’har hunter: running zones using All The Things to identify areas where I haven’t gotten mail transmogs from questing there

Bonus: got the Hyacinth Macaw as a random drop

The Great UI Experiment – initial impressions and why I’m not going to go through with it after all

Random question of the week: who’s taking care of the poor carnies?


Rep. That’s it.

This Week in WoW:

Hallows’ End starts today – goes through Thursday, November 1

Headless Horseman: levels 23-120

Things to buy with Tricky Treats: pets, costumes, masks, wands, Magic Broom

New toy: Headless Horseman’s Hearthstone for 150 Tricky Treats

“Return home in the spookiest way” — creates a circle of flames around you and puts a Hallowed Helm on your head, and your character laughs when the cast completes

Pandaria Timewalking


Naked & Afraid 2: Revenge of the Races is coming Thursday, October 25th!

Needed motivation for running up Allied race to 120 for achievement

Run an allied race or a non-allied race – no gold, no gear, no heirlooms.

Pick a race, class, and spec, and stick with it until 120 (one spec change allowed). Judged on /played time to 120. We encourage running a class or spec you haven’t run before but it isn’t required

Nonallied races will have time from 1-20 deducted from total, since allied races start at level 20

Two divisions: Regular and Warmode

New this time around: Guilds

US-Alliance Silvermoon: Naked & Afraid (could start the same guild Hordeside on Mok’Nathal, the connected server, forr those who want to start Horde races)

EU-Alliance Vek’nilash: Naked & Afraid

All members will have the power to invite to the guild, at least for a little while. Be careful only to invite people who are familiar with the Naked and Afraid challenge. Perhaps ask them to name the two hosts of the show as a challenge question.

@thecowking has made an EU Warcast Community and has posted a link to it on our #worldofwarcast channel on Discord

Full rules posted on the #naked-and-afraid-2 Discord channel

Wowhead is making a Classic WoW site – classic.wowhead.com, with all the databases, guides, etc.

Decided to use modern back-end elements but are using old-school styling such as logos and menus to reflect the retro style

Blizzard announced multiple Diablo projects are expected over the coming months

Diablo III coming to Nintendo Switch already announced for November 2

There will be a Diablo What’s Next panel shortly after the opening ceremony

Patch 8.1 – Notable changes on the PTR and from Ian Hazzikostas QA from the 11th

Lots and lots of discussion about azerite armor changes

New warfronts will run in a parallel cycle to the current one – you could be contributing to one warfront while attacking in another

No plans to make Death Knight class available for new Allied Races anytime soon

Several new battle pets associated with the new Darkshore warfront, such as the Darkshore Sentinel (Owl), Void Jelly, Everburning Treant, Detective Ray, Gust of Cyclarus

Also new mounts: a bear, nightsabers, chimera, and a kodo. Reins of the Onyx War Hyena will be a new rated PvP mount, and there are a couple frog mounts that have not yet been assigned

New pet model for baby raptors

Darkmoon Faire Favors achievement has been reduced from six to five profession based quests completed

New cooking recipe: Seasoned Steak and Potatoes (maybe something to do with those Thick Paleo Steaks other than the banquets?)

Reputation gains from Legion World Quests will be doubled

Looking at flight paths – possibly a book to buy at max level that unlocks all the flight paths on alts

War Campaign chapters not alt friendly – give almost no reputation when you complete them. They will be adding a “large amount of reputation” to these chapters

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