Episode 298, “Which comes first – Classic or people on Mars?”

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Learning curve with island expedition – Gamino joined Cryler and me for some island expedition fun

We learned there can be way, WAY too many bears

Quote of the day: “I pulled five … okay, thirty.”

Found out it was five ISLANDS, not five expeditions

Killing Azuregos when you’re a melee DPS

Finished Revered with Honorbound and am opening outposts

Exalted rep comparisons in preparation for the first major patch

Working on Insurrection line in Suramar to open Nightborne


King’s Rest is hard

Did no

Another 350 in my trunk

More rep

Didn’t have time for LFR

Question of the week!

This Week in WoW:

Brewfest starts today

Only change this year, Coren Direbrew’s trinkets have been updated for level 120 players (iLevel 335 – may not be updating yet)

Harvest Festival – ends Tuesday

Pet Battle Bonus Event – ends Tuesday

Cataclysm Timewalking begins Tuesday


WoW Diary Kickstarter Update:

As of 8 PM EST today, had raised $394,614 with 5,452 backers (trivia: was fully funded at original $10k ten minutes after launch, August 28) – up[ $6,620 from this 9 AM

Was able to add 2 upgrades:

$300k upgrade: added a gold foil end sheet with “Original Kickstarter Backer” printed on it

$350k upgrade: Gold foil title lettering on the spine and cover

Not yet funded: $400k upgrade – spot varnishing on all the pictures

Currently second highest non-fiction book ever launched through Kickstarter – has to pass $424k to do that

Google “wow diary kickstarter” or go to http://www.thewowdiary.com – now through next Thursday, September 25

New mount and pet in Blizzard store: The Dreadwake and Cap’n Crackers

Dreadwake currently tied to purchasing 180 days’ game time in advance – not sold separately

WoW Token price fall

from end of July through today, WoW token prices have fallen by half

Buying gold for real money isn’t cost effective, but cashing in gold for Blizzard Balance is at an all-time high – was talking to Wulfrictheslayer on Discord about his play to buy his virtual ticket with in-game gold (we calculated the Virtual Ticket to be about 260-270k gold)

Wowtoken.info – current US price is about 105,000 gold = $20

Patch 8.1 announced: Tides of Vengeance

No release date but the patch will be hitting the PTR next week

News tip from Discord users and Weekly Research Assistants Kneemo and Hidebound: Incursions, similar to invasions in Legion

Quests with extra-potent rewards that will randomly pop up and replace a zone’s World Quest content for several hours

Purpose is for helping level alts, although it seems as though this content will only be available at level 98 and above

Heritage armor will become available for all races – starting with Dwarf and Blood Elf – will require some short quest lines to claim

New Allied Races: Kul’Tiran and Zandalari Troll – “not quite there yet” but are getting closer.

Vol’jin, Saurfang and Tyrande will have their stories expanded

New warfront: Darkshore

Focuses on war between night elves and undead

Updated Darkshore zone, new max level rares

Alliance will start this one with the contribution phase

Updates to island expeditions

Two new islands

New events, enemies, spawn rates, and interactions

Example: setting up an Azerite extractor in a location that will feed a constant small stream of azerite to the party, but can be taken over by the enemy

Two new raids

Siege of Zulduzar (name might change)

Alliance will fight to the top of the city from the sea, and Horde will start from the jungle

Bosses will be unique for each faction

Crucible of Storms – only 2 bosses, centered on old gods in Stormsong Valley

Modeled after the 3-boss Trial of Valor

Azerite traits – traits are getting an overhaul

Champions of Azeroth – Unlocking Champions of Azeroth rep on one character will unlock it on all characters

All about the new rep changes.

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