Episode 297, “Got any Dreamfoil?”

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Finished 120 on my Alliance rogue – still haven’t set foot in Drustvar

Starting to hit Revered with various factions on Horde rogue

Did warfronts on Horde rogue and paladin

First warfront (rogue) – lots of fun, very quiet, felt epic – got a 355 cloak 370 bracers

Second warfront (pally) – ended up tanking a lot of the bosses, including the last one – self-appointed “general” who would not shut up – got a 340 BP and 370 cloak

Had issue when tried to take pally in – 320 minimum iLevel but was 309

Made some purchases to shore up worst items

Tried to upgrade items through WQs but wasn’t getting much luck with availability – only azerite item still 310 was hat, and I got 3 breastplates in a row from azerite caches

Thanks to Thecowking for tipping me off to a cheap level 355 Darkmoon trinket that took me from 316 to 320


Got a mythic +2 chest!

Oh, but it has a lesser item than what I had 😛

Rep, rep, rep

This Week in WoW:

18th-25th – Harvest Festival; Pet Battle Bonus Event

18th – 19th: Pirate Day

20th – 6th: Brewfest


Blizzard Virtual Ticket on sale – $49.99 (same as last year)

Most will be available until March 31, 2019 – Community Night and closing night guaranteed to be up for 1 month after event

No details on in-game loot, except for an Overwatch skin for Sombra modeled after the Diablo III demon hunter

Ian Hazzikostas will be having an AMA on /r/wow (started at 2 PM PST today) so we will go over that next week.

Classic WoW AMA 0n the /classicwow subreddit – some highlights

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