Episode 295, “Big Top BS”

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Ren –

Now have two 120s and two 111s, gotten most of my characters into the city

Still working on effective AOE for subtlety rogue

Still have not resolved missing XP bar but have a workaround (Experiencer)

Started archaeology

Archaeology progress still showing old number system (current level 825), but shows as “Zandalari Archaeology”

Restored Artifacts – no new vendor, not showing up for Legion era fragments (usually current through previous expansion)

Mike –


Want to do mythics this weekend.

Trying to get 330+

Revered with Order of Embers. – yummy 335 gear.

It’s been all rep and rep and rep and gear.

Stalled professions because I can’t make anything decent until I do mythics.

I plan on finishing the other zones over the next few days.

Need more followers


This Week in WoW

Trial of Style started – free transmogs!

Darkmoon Faire starts Sunday


BfA sold 3.4 million copies on its first day – franchise record

Does this only count new purchases on opening day, or does it count prepurchases?

Notable hotfixes for the week

Auction House changes – will be discussed separately


Demon hunters no longer falling to their deaths gliding away from Dazar’alor.

Feral druids continuing to receive upgrades to their AOE abilities

Creatures and NPCs

Treasure hunters around the Deadwash will no longer inadvertantly flag Horde players PvP


Freehold now has an NPC at the end that will port characters to the beginning

Kings’ Rest: enemy casters now have mana bars


Azerite armor now tradeable

Faction items can now be traded back to their Quartermaster for a full refund for 2 hours


Inscription – Contract duration is now 7 days

Cooking – Foods now provide significantly more health and mana

World Quests

Profession WQs will now not show up for characters who don’t have that profession

Being hit by Frightened Stomps of Frightened Brutosaur during “Underfoot” will no longer flag players


Several missing Zandalar mailboxes have been returned

Auction house hotfixes, plus premium 20% extra deposit for tradeskill items. But are the actual numbers going to dissuade sellers?

Wide variety of deposit prices for stacks of 1 vs larger stacks

Remember: only pay the deposit if the item doesn’t sell

Sample items from BfA: Monelite ore, Gloom Dust, Great Sea Catfish – Deposit inflation between 1 stack of 200 and 200 stacks of 1:

Great Sea Catfish – 7.5g to 47.5g – or 633%

US median 24g – lose 47.5g out of 4800, 1% loss

Gloom Dust – 8g to 200g – or 2500%

US median 27g, so 200g out of 5400, or 3.7% loss

Monelite Ore – 1s 30c to 40g – or 307,000 %

US median 48g, so 9600/40, or 0.42 loss

HandyNotes has new modules for BfA treasures and achievement points in zones

WQ exploit – how it worked, how it has ended

Warning: getting whispers from accounts that make you think it’s Blizzard saying you have to go to a website to plead your case because you’re about to be banned – recognize official Blizz communications

Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part One – start working on it now for increased mount speed

Battle for Azeroth Explorer

Explore all 6 zones on both continents

Wide World of Quests

Complete 100 world quests

Azerothian Diplomat

Earn Revered with the following factions, Champions of Azeroth and Tortollan Seekers, and the following for each side:

Alliance – Proudmoore Admiralty, Storm’s Wake Order of Embers, 7th Legion

Horde: Zandalari Empire, Voldunai, Talanji’s Expedition, The Honorbound

Either Kul Tourist or Zandalar Forever – complete all main story lines of your side’s three zones

Ready for War (faction) – complete your side’s War Campaign – starts with establishing footholds necessary to open world quests. The rest requires becoming Friendly with your side’s war rep (Honorbound or 7th Legion)

No dungeon or raid requirements (yet)

Mod of the Cast: The alpha release of WORLD QUEST TRACKER.

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