Episode 292, “Anything is better than Skype”

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Discord: http://discord.worldofwarcast.com

Twitch: http://twitch.tv/starmiketv

Mount Up Add-on: https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/mount-up

This Week in WoW:

Pet battle bonus event

Darkmoon Faire starts Sunday


Lots of hotfixes to classes, creatures, professions, raids, dungeons and quests – almost daily since prepatch

Hotfix to experience: experience required to level has been lowered for all levels 40-100. Reduction averages 14% between 60-80, with smaller reductions at other levels.

Quest log bug –

“Due to an issue, during a short time between 1st of August, 09:30 pm and 2nd of August 01:45 am players would get all their quest log abandoned when using a teleportation ability, such as hearthstone or mage portal. This issue is fixed by now, and we will try to assist you with recovering your quest progress.

If you lost a progress of a quest, that can be completed during single play session, please, proceed by restarting this quest.

If you were impacted by this issue and you lost a progress of a multistep quest, that takes several days to complete or a quest that you are not able to pick up anymore, we will try to recover the progress. Please, note, that we do not guarantee to recover progress as it was before the loss, but we will do our best.”

War of Thorns parts 1&2: thoughts

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