Episode 291, “Scat Twitch”

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Discord: http://discord.worldofwarcast.com

Twitch: http://twitch.tv/starmiketv

Mount Up Add-on: https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/mount-up


Mocktail of the Cast: Juniper and Tonic

Shoulder surgery on June 9; haven’t been able to do much in game since

Shoulder surgery turned out to be a little more involved than anticipated; spending 2 weeks in cast. Now have leave to spend small amounts of time out so I can type, but WoW doesn’t work

Playing turn based strategy games instead

Tried a multi button gaming mouse and the compact keypad and neither worked well

Figured out the art of mouse flying but fighting is nearly impossible

Finished home renovation projects

Only real post-patch activity is logging onto characters and resetting talents


Tried to get in on Tuesday. Nope.

This Week in WoW:

Who knows — it’s been damn near impossible to play

This week: Battleground Bonus Event – next week, Legion Dungeon Event


CALL THE ORKIN MAN became OMG the bugs


Some people reporting their drivers are fully up to date but Blizzard still flagging them for having un-updated drivers

Legion App:

Problems with only being able to access 3 characters

Only way to change characters: log completely out of the app, sign back in, and select the starting character you want

BlizzardCS confirmed in a tweet on 7/19: “Switch Character button was intentionally removed. You now switch characters by logging out, then logging in again. You’ll be taken to the list of characters to select from at that point.”

Cue well deserved community shit fit. Now as of 3:30 PM EST, they are saying they are “working on a fix for this issue.”


Icy-Veins has already updated class guides and talent suggestions for prepatch


Disabled on some realms, in testing on others

8.0 Undocumented features

Q&A overview

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