Episode 288, “Orcs are Klingons”

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Lucid Nightmare

Map tips

Finally upgraded to BfA

Void Elf

Even if you did all the prerequisites, you still have to do a short scenario to unlock each race (thanks Discord)

Played the void elf for a few mins. Nothing special.

More dungeons with Ali.

Horde side


Killed Patreon


Also Lucid Nightmare (and considering Riddler’s Mindworm next)

Still haven’t finished Fisherfriends

Call for tips on how to play WoW one handed

This Week in WoW

Darkmoon Faire

Legion Dungeon Event

Thousand Boat Bash


Million Dollar Pet in BfA: Francois the Faberge Egg Pet – near the 15th Annual Norwington Equestrian and Hunt Festival in Tiragarde Sound (hint: you only have to have it, not spend it!)

New BFA items:

new Vrykul helms, a candle helm, and a fish shaped mace

Gale Rider glider, similar to Goblin Glider, that only works in Kul Tiras


Given the direction of the upcoming expansion (war between the factions), will this, or should this, have any bearing on deciding which toons to go forward with first? How will your characters react to the war?

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