Episode 287, “Kill 47 rats”

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Started an orc death knight – level 69 in Northrend

Fisherfriends of the Isles – all but Akule Riverhorn

Sort of in a holding pattern – finishing zones with paladin, rep, that sort of thing

Most “finished” characters are druid and rogue in terms, but not sure going to start with those in BfA


Horde side scenario is epic. Alliance will have one later, I’m sure.



This Week in WoW:

Lich King Timewalking

Glowcap Festival Mini-Event

Drugon the Frostblood

Mage Tower active on North American realms


Mythic +15 appearances obtainable in Battle for Azeroth

Can either complete it before August 13, or wait a few weeks for Mythic difficulty to open back up after BfA launch

Confirmed only artifact appearance that will be obtainable after BfA launches are the Mage Tower base appearance.

BfA will have 18 character slots per realm


Environmental changes after the battles:

Alliance: After Siege of Lordaeron, Darnassian refugees in Stormwind Harbor and you can no longer take the boat to Darnassus. There is now a portal.

You cannot travel to the zone because fatigue will kill you.

Talk to Zidormi in Darkshore to witness Darnassus before the siege.

Similar story for Horde: zep to UC no longer works, portal to Ruins of Lordaeron

Entering the zone will kill you

Talk to Zidormi in Tirisfal to witness Tirisfal before the Battle for Lordaeron

Reputation Rewards – list of all the goodies (what to focus on depending on your interests). If you’re into:


Naked & Afraid Challenge officially ending June 1. This is as much to give people time to finish leveling up characters without the restrictions before the expansion hits.

3 new finishers! Please let me know if I missed anyone:

Boomstyx, orc Beastmaster hunter: 3 days 11 hours 47 minutes (current leader!)

Gautama, panda brewmaster monk: 5 days 8 hours 30 minutes

Zignea, human arms warrior: 7 days 7 hours 4 minutes (current winner of “Most Persistent”)

Lots of discussion generated by the question: who are you leveling first?


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