Episode 286, “Ring of Booty”

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BfA Alpha


Waycrest Manor


Temple of Sethraliss

Had to start over

Was able to go through the initial scenario, but the key cutscenes are placeholders.

“Cool cutscene”

Ali went through horde starting scenario, followed by amazing Escape from Stockades scenario.

Both Horde and Alliance zones are gorgeous!

Professions are sort of in

You can train, but no vendor for BfA tradeskill mats. Old school tradeskill mats vendor is there.

Fishing trainer added this week, only trains up to Pandaria fishing (Ali fished up Midnight Salmon)

Herbalism: herbs are not just in the ground. Star Moss grows on walls, Siren’s song grows out of trees…refreshing change


Making up the money I spent on the T3 chestpiece.

Problem – Vial of the Sands sells for garbage on my server (69,000g)

No mounts this week

Started going through ALL my screenshots. 103GB of them.

Sorted by expansion

May split them between characters.

Found out that I was leveling TWO mages at the same time on two servers.

Apparently I was on Aggramar and don’t remember why.

I also moved toons around a lot and don’t remember why.


Still trying for Invincible….Arthas is a bitch

Raid is working on trying to get Ahead of the Curve achievement together. Heroic Coven is a struggle. Going to get lockouts-Skipping it to work on Aggramar and Argus.

Halfway through Field Medic (got some repeat quest drops)

Really starting to focus on my N&A toon

Ren called for June 1st to official deadline. Can still work on it and complete it but after deadline, finishers won’t be announced on the show. Summer gets busy. Maybe a new challenge at some point? Never know with Ren!

My N&A toon is almost 65, determined to get it done in time

Ren spoke again about starting a Warcast guild on Silvermoon-US. Alliance side? We’ve been discussing different names on discord!


Blizzcon tickets went on sale

Several people helping others to get tickets.

Both waves of tickets are over.

Don’t buy scalped tickets. Better to see if anyone has any extras.

GCD is a Big Thing™

Racials will be removed from the GCD



Time Warp

Charged Up (Arcane)

Arcane power (Arcane)

Spring Balloon Fest going on now until tomorrow

War Mode available.

Have not tested it yet

I might test it just to see how it goes, but will not be a permanent change for me.

Talking weapons transmog will still talk?

Don’t DDoS Blizzard

Romanian man extradited and sentenced to one year for DDoS in 2010

Also has to pay almost $30k

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