Episode 282, “Fuego”

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Finishing zones, changing to Beastmaster on hunter

The handy parts about thinking about alt priority


Island Expeditions



This Week in WoW

World Quest Event – bonus reputation

Darkmoon Faire starts on April 1 – rep bonuses from carousel and top hat stack with World Quest Event

Noblegarden – April 2

Reminders: 2 pets and 1 mount – spring rabbit, noblegarden bunny (added 2017), springstrider mount


New Naked & Afraid Finisher: Settlersrule, Alliance panda windwalker monk, with 5 days 23 hours and 28 minutes, and 24,483 gold.

Next highest in progress: Norgreyclub, dwarf retribution paladin, level 92, closely followed by Alcina, a night elf arcane mage at 91 and Buffysummers, a human windwalker monk at level 90

Pax East – Apr 5-8 at Boston Convention Center – Demo stations for new Island Expedition feature

Family Guy episode April 1 – Warcraft references

Player gets every achievement in game (3,314) – Xirev, a blood elf fire mage

Need to do things like reach prestige 25, collect 300 toys and mounts, and win 5000 pvp pet battles

One achievement ahead of Metatrosha, a human shadow priest (same number of points; Alliance have one extra 10 pointer)

Wowhead interview with Xirev

Single hardest achievement: high rated PvP ones – most others simply “tedious”

Single hardest non-PvP achievement – “Going to Need a Bigger Bag” – obtain all the rare items from Timeless Isle. Involved a lot of realm hopping (56 items)

Time /played: Estimated 850-900 days /played. 434 days /played on mage alone.

20,400 to 21,600 hours

8,760 hours in 1 year (not counting leap years)

Done over 6 years – 6 years has about 122,400 hours (without leap years)

Average of 5.5-6 hours per day, every day, or 38.5 – 42 hours per week

Ren: Did my own /played calculation on all active toons – came out to 6554 hours or 273 days /played. Sounds like a lot, but when averaged over 10 years (didn’t play for 4 years out of the past 14) it comes out to less than 1 hour per day /played

Alpha News

Changes to quest log – looked at first like the quest log limit was going up to 50. Not true – but it seems like some quests no longer count toward the 25 limit – including account wide quests such as many battle pet quests

New Alpha build includes several class talent changes

Alpha Profession changes:

Enchanting: many new ring and weapon enchants, glove enchants for gathering professions

RETURN OF Wands (Scepters). Last available: VANILLA

Engineering: some of the usuals like glasses, explosives, and scopes

RETURN OF Engineered belts. Last available: WRATH OF THE LICH KING

More weapons (guns, maces)

Interesting bits: Slumber Bombs, Electroshock Mount Motivator (+10% mount speed for 10 seconds, stacks up to 5x, “increased motivation may cause your mount to become disoriented”), Deployable Attire Rearranger, Interdemensional Companion Repository (portable stablemaster), and an XA-100 Surface Skimmer (25 sec duration)

Inscription: new codex

New Darkmoon cards, Vantus runes


Offhand tomes and stat buff scrolls.. LAST AVAILABLE: CATACLYSM

New: Contracts: allows you to choose a faction with which you will gain reputation when you do world quests – requires Friendly rep with target reputation

Scroll of Unlocking – unlock anything that requires 550 lockpicking skill

Jewelcrafting – usual rings and stones

NEW: two staffs – both listed were listed as Mage but the second one (Laribole Staff) also listed Agility as a stat

Leatherworking – usual armor bits and drums

NEW: create fist weapons and bows (bow/crossbow was available in Engineering, 490/525, Cataclysm)

From the Discord:

Seems there is a fashion in listening to our oldest episodes

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