Episode 281, “Fel sanitation simulator”

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– Life invasions of all life invasions

– Had to update laptop to make WoW run

– Game goals:

– get Field Medic done

– get toons left behind caught up on Argus and professions

– running up a void elf warlock for the hell of it

– Question to self: do I have too many alts?

– 12 110s with two duplicates (rogue and mage on Alli/Horde)

– no DK or DH

– Question: Is Blizzard both encouraging more alts AND not paying enough attention to making game alt-friendly?

– If I had to pare down my alts, who would make the cut?


So close to finishing up this rep from Hell.

Thanks to Ali for filling in last week about alpha

Infinite Timereaver mount dropped while doing timewalking. That was fun.

Alpha is still fun, but obviously limited in scope at the moment. There was a 1GB patch.

Maybe I’ll try tanking again.

I have a ton of quests I need to finish up.

The Argus version of the flight whistle should have been available at honored, not revered.

This Week in WoW

Not much – Arena Skirmishes, then World Quest Event next Tuesday

On the horizon: Noblegarden (4/2 – 4/9)




Mythic Antorus now available for cross-realm groups, though not through LFR. “To join a public group for Mythic Antorus, just open Group Finder (hotkey: i), select ‘Premade Groups’, then ‘Raids-Legion’, then click on “Find A Group”. That returns a list of many public groups that are available to you. Start typing ‘Antorus’ into the search bar at the top, and you’ll be prompted to select a difficulty.”

Battle for Azeroth

New Alpha Build changes:

Achievements to unlock Dark Iron Dwarves and Mag’har Orcs added

Dark Iron racial mount: core hound

Latest build tagged “beta” instead of “alpha” and new invitations out

New “boop” emote

Some new enchanting stuff:

Swift Hearthing: bracer enchant to speed cast time of hearthstone

Gale-Force Striking: weapon enchant to increase weapon attack speed

First Aid confirmed going away – bandages will be under Tailoring and antivenoms/pots will be under Alchemy

New customization options for Blood Elves – three new faces and glowing gold eyes

Azerite bonuses datamined: Set bonuses also going away, being replaced by Azurite empowerment on armor

Several class specific traits, but also several that appear to be multi-class

Traits that increase primary and secondary stats by a set amount

Absorption traits – traits that shield or absorb a set amount of damage

DPS,heal, and tanking traits. DPS obviously increases your DPS, healing traits are self-heals, and tanking traits are damage mitigation:


(DPS) Gutripper – Your damaging abilities have a chance to deal 347 Physical damage to the target. Gutripper occurs much more often against targets below 30% health. (Approximately 5 procs per minute).

(DPS) Heed My Call – Your damaging abilities have a chance to deal 154 to your target, and 15 to enemies within 3 yards of that target.

(HEAL) Savior – Your heals on targets below 35% health have a chance to heal for an additional 208. (Approximately 5 procs per minute).

(HEAL) Self Reliance – While no enemies are within 20 yds, you heal for 70 every 3 sec.

(TANK) Gemhide – When dealt damage greater than 10% of your maximum health, gain 31 Avoidance and 138 Dodge for 10 sec.

(TANK) Winds of War – Taking damage grants you 14 Dodge for 3 sec, stacking up to 10 times.

New detail on parrot mount: drops from Skycap’n Kragg, boss in the Freehold dungeon

From the Discord

Naked & Afraid Challenge has its second finisher – TheCowKing (EU) with a feral druid – 4 days 1 hour 1 minute

Current highest still in progress – Settlersrule (101) windwalker monk

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