Episode 279, “No Bards!”

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MAJOR life invasions, may be more interruptions in weeks ahead

Dinged 110 in Naked and Afraid challenge – final money total about 62,000 gold, time 4 days 22 hours 1 minute

BUT … forgot to take a screenshot (took one later; time finished can be calculated from the played time minus the time played at level, which was about 14 hours at the time)

Also moved the toon to Whisperwind and did a race change to undead

BUT … plans to run up a void elf warlock to fulfill promise to Silvermoon gang

Odds and ends – getting things tidied up in prep for expansion

Advancing neglected professions

Finished paladin mount quest and working on monk

Getting all the class hall followers – Maximilian of Northshire is totally worth it


Interviews all day, every day.

Wrath timewalking was fun. 700 badges from my next mount.

This Week in WoW

Legion Dungeon event until next Tuesday – additional loot

Lunar Festival ends 3/3

Darkmoon Faire starts 3/4

Trial of Style starts Monday 3/5 and runs to Friday 3/9


Warcraft III Invitational happened Feb 27/28, with old school tournaments and various matches – major patch coming out to Warcraft III in late March

Second Mythic Invitational, July 25-Aug 8th for auditions, dungeon invitational in early September

Seething Shore battleground now available – currently available as a brawl, will be available as a regular battleground next week

10vs10 BG set in Silithus, to battle over Azerite

“Dynamic control point gameplay similar to Arathi Basin” – new control points pop up as resources become depleted

Solo run of Court of Stars Mythic +22 by Mionee, a demon hunter (iLevel 973) – took nearly 4 hours

Battle of Azeroth

Even more class changes – random notes that show trend changes

DKs are getting an ability similar to Counterspell

Demon hunters will get an ability to increase overall party/raid magical damage to targets with Chaos Brand

Druids getting back Hibernate and Soothe (CC and anti-enrage)

Hunters: Tranq Shot for hunters is coming back (anti-enrage)


Fire: Phoenix Flames, Felo’melorn’s artifact ability, is being turned into a basic spell

All: Return of Arcane Intellect (group buff)

Priests: Return of Power Word: Fortitude (group buff)

Rogue: Return of Expose Armor (vanilla spell)

Shaman: Return of Tremor Totem (AOE ability to remove fear, charm and sleep effects)

Warlock: Return of Shadow Bolt (vanilla spell)

Only Destro locks can summon infernals now (boo)

Warrior: Return of Battle Shout to increase STR and AGI of party or raid

PARROT MOUNTS!!! No source yet

There will be some kind of garrison or class hall or something similar, as there is a mission table with followers. Lot of forum hate for this.

Followers include Technicians, Infiltrators, Combat Specialist and Faction Troops

Zandalari Troll Druid Forms

“Pterrakkoa” – “moonkin” form

Armored bear form – looks like a cross between a spiky turtle and a bear

Pterrodax flight form

Ravasaur travel form

Mag’har Orcs

Ren: really like the hair styles on the females – might have to race flip one

Skin colors range from pale grey-beige to reddish brown

Heritage armor looks very much like Thrallmar stuff

Upright posture, esp on the females

No “unnatural” hair colors

A couple of the new races flagged in such a way that they may become allied races

Vulpera – fox people

Kul Tirans – stocky humanoids

From the Discord: left over from last episode:

Should all classes be unlocked on all races? Or should class-race assignments follow established lore?

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