Episode 263, “You can run around as a horse’s ass”

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Too much adulting this week – only got to level 70 in shaman challenge

Update on the restore/switch faction bug



Shaman to 50.

200 mounts!

Hallow’s End

Got 150 treats in one night.


The trick to doing the wickerman – invisibility items. Instant vs. casting time.

Trying to get the headless horseman mount – how many years has it been?

This week in WoW

Black Temple timewalking – dropping base i900 items, NOT i930

Hallow’s End

Tricky Treats – Headless Horseman, daily quests, candy buckets. Use to buy masks, costumes for you or for pets (there’s three pug costumes and one Pepe skin), consumables, pets (Naxx, Sinister Squashling, Cursed Birman, Feline Familiar or Widget the Departed), heirloom upgrades (armor casings), and toys (horse head and tail, Little Wickerman)

Wickerman (Grim Visage) buffs for baby shamans (10% exp and rep for 2 hours)!

XP bonus applies to mob kills only – doesn’t increase XP from quest turnins or pet battles (“Apply Aura: mod Experience Gained %(mob kills only)”).

Rep bonuses: does work with Legion tokens and other commendations in the game, and does stack with human’s 10% exp racial ability

New this year: Naxxy, undead companion pet (150 Tricky Treats)

New costume – Xavius (200 treats)

New front and back end of a horse

Headless Horseman drops 880 loot

Magic Broom – 25% drop rate out of Horseman’s stash

mount – 0.5%

880 gear includes a sword (kind of silly for anything other than transmog), helm, and rings


Elysium shuts down because someone was taking home 2000 euros/month and someone else was running a gold selling service.

Patch 8.0 made a (very) brief appearance on beta servers

Mod of the Cast


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