Episode 262, “It’s a bit mage-y”

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Shaman challenge

Level 69 at 1d 6h – got through Outland, now in Northrend – 60-68 seemed very slow

A funny thing happened on the way to the Alliance: Restored a previously deleted 110 horde mage, took her to Alliance and weirdness happened


Shaman challenge

15 to 38 in one night.

Lots of dungeons and dungeon quests.

Could get 2-3 levels in a run

Rested XP was a waste because you blow right through it.

Problem – Maraudon puts you in the dungeon, but no quests for two more levels. So, either quest or repeat dungeons.

Problem with that is now you’re moving further and further away from Stormwind (Stranglethorn or Plaguelands)

Had to run to Wetlands between dungeon runs. Waste of time. Not sure what else to do.

Toy is 10k gold, and only gives faction flight points, not neutral.

BTW: I still love Maraudon

This Week in WoW

Pet Xp event – 200% not 300% as originally advertised

Hallow’s End starts Wednesday the 18th at 10:00 AM PST

Running of the Gnomes – Saturday October 14th, to benefit the Cleveland Clinic and the creators of the Tuohy Vaccine, a proposed vaccine against breast cancer that’s showing great promise

Run from Gnomer to Booty Bay – clear 34 gates

Starts at 7 PM EST, purchase a pink tabard in Ironforge

This started on Scarlet Crusade and there are raids on Scarlet Crusade



Blizzcon 2017

All virtual ticket rewards

Flying mounts in WoW – two seaters (we knew this)

Other games – Overwatch Winston skin, Starcraft III Junker SCV, Probe and Drone Skins; Heroes of the Storm Nexus Razorback mount, Diablo III Murkromancer Pet, and a “mystery goodie” for Hearthstone.

Blizzcon Merch

New plushes: Pirate Pepe Plush, Raptor Plushie, Elekk Plushie

Jaina Key Art Poster

Ugly Holiday Greench Sweater

Sylvanus Short Sleeved Hoodie

Sargeras Shirt

New pins and new patches for the goody bag – trying to encourage badge trading\

Shaman challenge

Proposed change to 2018 Naked & Afraid Challenge: any class, any spec (but choose once!) and on your honor to pick a class you’ve never successfully leveled to 110


Demon hunter speed runs

Shriekrunner – uses demon hunter’s mastery scaling at level 101 to get a minimum speed of 230% base speed – speed going up to 350-410%. Uses tricks, potions, and shortcuts – showed video of clearing old world dungeons in a total of 18 minutes, not counting travel time between dungeons (Gundrak clear took 13 seconds)

Posts build and tricks in a linked Reddit thread

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