Episode 261, “Gating vs. Waiting”

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Ren –

All shaman challenge!


Lots of mog stuff in AQ this week

Shaman challenge – got to 15 pretty fast. Was going to play more on Wed. but got sidetracked.

This Week –

Brewfest ends Friday – Harvest Festival mini holiday on Friday

Darkmoon Faire ends Friday

Next week: Pet Bonus Experience – 300% pet xp


Legion Q&A

No word on artifact appearances yet, but they’d like them to be mogs

Exception – the shit you gotta work for 😀

Same with druid forms

You can upgrade to 1000 the same way you did with 970

No new legendaries being added to the loot table

More MDI in the future.

Wants to give more classes more utility

Maxed followers needed for Antorus raid missions

Argus whistle will be unlocked on all characters shortly

Krokurun and Mac’aree world quests will NOT be account wide – story dependent

AK goes up until 55

Spider boss will be back

Thinks that not everyone having everything is OK. But it’s not.

problem – in vanilla you can work for it.

There will be Sylvanas/Greymane story progression

People still bitch about RNG (news at 11) – GATING OVER WAITING

There will be better server connections

No flying in Argus. Ever.

PvP more character-specific.

Shaman Challenge

New names proposed (Xandara): Transcendental Elementals, Developmental Elementals, Nonjudgmental Elementals

Naked & Afraid – “No Guild. No Gear. No Gold.”

Will run a Naked & Afraid Challenge after the holidays

Several Naked & Afraid Rules clarifications (posted on Discord #shamanchallenge channel)

Tips from Ren and members of the Discord channel

And Ren’s “do as I say not as I do” tips (how not to f**k up)

Prize for completing the Shaman Challenge!

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