What happened?

| November 14, 2006 | Reply

No, we’re not dead.

On Nov. 8, around 1:30pm EST, our old host Vizaweb just up and croaked. We have no idea why. They have not yet returned our emails and are not answering their phones.

Since they were giving us trouble in the past, Renata and I decided to move to a new host. If you can see this message, our new IP address has propagated to you.

Two days later, Vizaweb came back from the dead, but it was too late. We had already started working on the new server and transferred the registration.

podcast.xml has been placed back on the system so that the feeds still work.

We have since upgraded the forums to vBulletin, and all the usernames have been carried over! We did prune the forums; some of the articles were quite dated.

I backed up the database for the front page so I’ll be restoring that later tonight.

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